Interesting Facts about Dolphins – What you should not overlook

Dolphins are perceived as lovable. This image will not be separated from their name. For most of the time, they are used as a symbol of love, friendship and kindness. The entirety is the embodiment of fun and carefree spirit. This is one of the reasons why it is quite impossible for them not to be linked into whatever light things in life. Despite all of these though, there are still many interesting facts about dolphins that have to be discovered by many. What are these?

What many do not know about dolphins

First of all, dolphins are mammals. There is a misconception that they are a type of fish. They are not. It just so happened that their habitat is synonymous to that of fish, which is aquatic in nature. Even so, they can still be categorized to the same group as that of men. The same is also true with so many warm-blooded land animals around the place. This can be attributed to the fact that these dolphins have the capacity to nurse the young they produce. Yes, they also come with mammary glands which is a unique quality of mammals. This is one of the bases why they are considered as mammals.

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Dolphins also have the impeccable ability to swim. They can do five to ten kilometers for every hour. This may appear to be surprising since dolphins can be seen around. They are even regarded as fast swimmers. This depends on the dolphin specie talked about, and as well as the situation. There are breeds of dolphins which are fast swimmers. They have the ability to reach at least 32 kilometers for every hour. This is why there may be an exemption to the situation.

Whenever these dolphins are on the surface, they may swim at least 260 meters. They are not thought about this way because these creatures can be really slow when they are on the surface. This has to change because ever since, they are know shallow divers. They need this in order to breathe.

Most people are fond of the given mammal because it can communicate really well. This is epitomized in lots of movies. They have this authentic animal sound which is a way for them to communicate. They even have a signature whistle. They do this so that humans would recognize them. This sort of characteristic is not manifested by many sea animals out there.

Can dolphins really heal and communicate?

There are claims saying that dolphins have the ability to help in cerebral palsy, autism and even Down syndrome. This is where the dolphin-assisted therapy is designed for. This is a basic idea saying that the exposure to this charismatic creature, swimming around them for instance, is going to be a rewarding experience for the patient. This goes with a tenfold of advantages. This is still a subject of studies until now.

Indeed, dolphins are not just eye pleasing, they are also relieving.