Pablo Picasso Facts – What makes him the most-sought after artist in the 20th century?

During the first half of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso made quite a name for himself. As a matter of fact, he dominated that particular era. Basically, his name will never be separated from Cubism. There were claims saying he pioneered this. Aside from this, he was also the first one to ever invent the idea of collage. With this, he did not fail to make contributions both on Surrealism and Symbolism. Above all of these though, he saw himself as a painter, and really good at that. Most of Pablo Picasso facts would say this. That is for sure.

The influence of Picasso as a painter will not be set to halt, even until this time. Even his sculpture is like no other, that it still inspires other artists. His exploration became diverse that he also took time in realizing the beauty of ceramics and printmaking. Since he has a charismatic personality, the relationship of Picasso with women reflected in his art. This sort of behavior was responsible in molding him as the genuine and real embodiment of a bohemian modern artist. No one will ever come close to his popularity.

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Important Contributions

Picasso started as a Symbolist. He was very much influenced by the presence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Edvard Munch. This kind of tendency was the one that shape his Blue Period. This pertained to the prostitutes, beggars, and other misfits in the urban life that were all realized in the Rose Period.

In the year 1906, Picasso made alteration with his art. This happened because of influences again including Henri Rousseau and Paul Cezanne this time. These people were the ones responsible in encouraging Picasso to give his figures and creations more structure and weight. These would then lead him to the path of Cubism. During this time, Picasso alleviate from conventions. He deconstructed them. This was a brave move to do because during the Renaissance, conventional perspectival space was the idea pondered by most artists. Indeed, he innovated. He did not realize how far the consequences of such would be. It resulted to the modern art many people are enjoying now. There was revolution witnessed here.

The immersion of Cubism in the work of Picasso will then open another discovery for him. This time, he would introduce collage to the world. This was the time when he neglected the picture idea as an object or window of the world. He then started to look at it as an arrangement of various signs that were utilized differently. He said they may also have metaphorical means in them. These became also influential.

The eclectic attitude of Picasso would always be a one-of-a-kind attribute of him. This may appear to be far from his work before that was related to only a sole approach. He made a transition to various styles and he had the ability to do this even with just the same artwork.