Everything You Need to Know About Robin McGraw’s Plastic Surgery

Robin McGraw is known to most as the wife of Dr. Phil. In the past years, she and her husband, faced numerous controversies and lawsuits. She is also continuously probed about the cosmetic procedures she uses to achieve her youthful glow. Despite the number of people who believes that the Robin McGraw plastic surgery is real, she denies undergoing any cosmetic surgery.

Robin has published quite a number self-help books, including “What’s Age Got to Do with It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life”.

Robin’s looks have made a lot of people guessing, whether she really had cosmetic procedures done or not. For a woman her age, having a firm and glowing skin is too good to be true.

Robin McGraw doesn’t look she’s 63 years old. Critics strongly believe that she had a little help from a trusty cosmetic surgeon.

Many claim that she got rid of her wrinkles through Botox injections. Beauty experts believe that it’s unlikely for women beyond 50s to have a smooth skin without the surgical intervention.

In addition to her firm skin, people point out that a Robin McGraw plastic surgery helped her improve the shape of her ace as well as her nasal bridge.

Robin says to her critics that she has never tried any cosmetic procedures, and she will never resort to using such just to maintain her looks.

While she tries to deny the undergoing any cosmetic procedure, her pictures through the years tell us otherwise. Her lips, nose, skin, jawline, and even her breasts have significantly improved.

While layers of foundation, highlight and contour products can help hide all those skin imperfections brought by aging, we are 100 percent sure that she needs more to look this young.

Robin claims that she never fights with her husband, so she feels less stressed about her life. However, not even a happy marriage can hide away all the visible effects of aging.

Whatever surgical procedure, treatment or cosmetic products Robin McGraw uses, they are surely working out well for her.