Filipinos All Over The World

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There isn’t any country in the entire world where you wouldn’t find one Filipino. Most of the time, Filipinos travel for work. They give up the comfort of being with their families in exchange of a more stable financial future. Small percentage of us Filipinos, travel for the sake of leisure. Can you imagine, if […]

5 popular Filipino dishes

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The Philippines attracts visitors from different parts of the world because of its beautiful beaches and historical places. If traveling to the country, traditional Filipino food is a must try for a complete experience. Filipinos love to eat. Aside from the three main meals of the day, there’s also merienda or snacks in between. Their […]

EL Nido: a paradise away from home

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Imagine white fine sand and clear blue waters. Then imagine yourself relaxing on a hammock under the green leaves of the coconut trees, looming in to give you shade. Then you can dig your toes under the sand and bask under the sun on a perfect beach. CNNGo considers this place as the Best Beach […]

Visiting Asia’s Bests: Five Outstanding Attractions and Things to Do

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Asia is home to a total of 49 different nations. Each country boasts some of Earth’s wonders—from towering infrastructures up to nature ranges. With countless places to go to, it’s actually bewildering where to head on for vacation. But with some tidbits from travelers who went there, we’ll surely have an idea of the best […]