5 popular Filipino dishes

The Philippines attracts visitors from different parts of the world because of its beautiful beaches and historical places. If traveling to the country, traditional Filipino food is a must try for a complete experience. Filipinos love to eat. Aside from the three main meals of the day, there’s also merienda or snacks in between. Their way of cooking was influenced by various nationalities including Spanish, Chinese, Malay, as well as American. However, it still has its unique blend of sweetness, saltiness and sourness. Rice is a staple in this country. While there are dishes that are popular as main Filipino dishes, each province or region also has their famous local cuisines. Here are some of the foods that are truly Filipino.


Lechon could be a suckling pig, whole roasted pig or cattle calves. This is often prepared on special occasions and celebrations like fiestas, birthdays, weddings, Christmas and christenings. But you can easily find restaurants, eateries or lechon stands selling them per single order so you can have a taste of it without having to buy the whole thing.



This is one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines. Though the country does not have a national food, many people consider adobo as the unofficial national food of the country. The main ingredients of this dish are pork or chicken, oil, garlic, vinegar and soy sauce. It has a sour and salty taste and it can last for several days without being spoiled.

Chicken Adobo


Sinigang is another favorite dish among Filipinos. While some consider adobo as the national dish, others are rooting for sinigang. This dish is seafood or meat boiled in sour broth. The souring ingredients often used are guava and tamarind.



This dish is also known as peanut stew as it is cooked in peanut oil. Its main ingredients are ox tail and vegetables; though pork can also be used as an alternative for ox tail. It’s often served with fermented shrimp paste or what the locals call bagoong.



If you’re adventurous, you can try this stew, which uses pig blood. Other ingredients include chili, meat or offal, garlic and vinegar. It’s usually paired with a type of bread called puto.


Traveling to East Asia – Helpful information & Tips

First, when you plan a travel to East Asia, you should notice the rain season, which falls all over the summer months. Even in the rain season, it’s rainy only for a few hours of the day, and the rest of the day is shiny and could be perfect to pass time on the beautiful beaches.


In addition, you should always prefer internal flights because they are really cheap and it does the job.

The tour bus service is an excellent way to sense the real East Asia, you could visit the villages and  and stay a night or two to sleep with indigenous tribes that will be more than happy to host you.


The toilet and sleeping facilities are very basic, though the tour purpose is to make new friends, learn about interesting cultures, and deeply integrate with the locals.

You should always remember that most of the cultures in East Asia are completely conservative, so you should cover yourself when you visit the locals, and especially when visiting religious sites.

Now regarding drugs, It’s everywhere in east Asia. Be careful when you buy drugs because it’s absolutely illegal there. Despite you can find a heap of drugs pretty much anywhere you can look at,  from the street corners and hotel lobbies, If you get caught you could spend an impressive amount of time in the jail, and no one wants to visit the jails in East Asia, The living conditions is simply horrible and terrifying.

Cooking courses are pretty much found anywhere in East Asia, and you should absolutely give it a try. Just imagine how impressed your friends would be if you could make them some kind of exotic meal. One last advice regarding food in East Asia; always buy your food from the markets and not restaurants if your goal is saving money so you could stay in the area as long as possible.

food bangkok

Don’t be afraid of Asian street food, it may frighten some of you, but after you give it a try for the first time, you will discover that you found an excellent food source for a fair price.

You shouldn’t worry too much if you forget to pack something, East Asia is full of markets and it’s kind of shoppers heaven, you can find there almost anything you wish and for a reasonable price.

Regarding transportation, Most of East Asia is linked with trains and buses, and taxis are also affordable for shorter journeys. East Asia contain lots of backpackers and thanks to that you can arrange yourself pretty much easily, you could get help from backpackers with vast knowledge on the place you are currently located.

In conclusion, East Asia is an amazing place you should visit. You can discover there a mix of ancient cultures and friendly people, and a visit to East Asia will broaden your horizons for sure.

Filipino Traveling

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country consisting of over 7,000 islands. It is known for its several pristine beaches, as well as for the hospitality of the people. It has a rich history and culture influenced by other countries like Spain and Japan that ruled over the country in the past. Filipino traveling to different parts of the country is common as there is so much to see and experience. It also attracts many travelers from all over the globe. If you are planning to visit the Philippines, you might find this information helpful.



There are several airports around the country that serve domestic and international flights; but the main airport is NAIA or Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Getting around the country is not a problem as there are several means of transportations that would take you to your destination. Aside from airplanes, there are also boats and ferries. The main mode of transportation for getting around a city or area is the jeepney. Fare is cheap so it should not strain your budget. There are also buses and taxis, as well as three wheeled motorcycles called tricycle.


There are so many great places to visit in the country. English is the second language of Filipinos so communication should not be a problem.


As mentioned, Philippines has several beautiful beaches to visit. The most popular beach destinations are Boracay, Pagudpud, Puerto Galera, Puerto Princesa and El Nido.


Being a Catholic country, there are several churches and cathedrals that you can go to including Basílica de San Sebastián, Paoay Church and Barasoain Church.

Historical and Cultural Sites

If you want a glimpse of Philippine’s rich history and culture, some of the places that you can check out are Rizal Park, Intramuros and its various museums like the National Museum of the Philippines and San Agustin Museum.

Shopping Malls

If you are into shopping, you will never fall short of malls and shopping centers to visit. SM Mall of Asia and SM City North EDSA are two of the biggest malls not only in the country but also around the world. You can find local and international brands from these places. There are also local markets and bazaars where you can purchase low cost products.