Traveling to East Asia – Helpful information & Tips

First, when you plan a travel to East Asia, you should notice the rain season, which falls all over the summer months. Even in the rain season, it’s rainy only for a few hours of the day, and the rest of the day is shiny and could be perfect to pass time on the beautiful beaches.


In addition, you should always prefer internal flights because they are really cheap and it does the job.

The tour bus service is an excellent way to sense the real East Asia, you could visit the villages and  and stay a night or two to sleep with indigenous tribes that will be more than happy to host you.


The toilet and sleeping facilities are very basic, though the tour purpose is to make new friends, learn about interesting cultures, and deeply integrate with the locals.

You should always remember that most of the cultures in East Asia are completely conservative, so you should cover yourself when you visit the locals, and especially when visiting religious sites.

Now regarding drugs, It’s everywhere in east Asia. Be careful when you buy drugs because it’s absolutely illegal there. Despite you can find a heap of drugs pretty much anywhere you can look at,  from the street corners and hotel lobbies, If you get caught you could spend an impressive amount of time in the jail, and no one wants to visit the jails in East Asia, The living conditions is simply horrible and terrifying.

Cooking courses are pretty much found anywhere in East Asia, and you should absolutely give it a try. Just imagine how impressed your friends would be if you could make them some kind of exotic meal. One last advice regarding food in East Asia; always buy your food from the markets and not restaurants if your goal is saving money so you could stay in the area as long as possible.

food bangkok

Don’t be afraid of Asian street food, it may frighten some of you, but after you give it a try for the first time, you will discover that you found an excellent food source for a fair price.

You shouldn’t worry too much if you forget to pack something, East Asia is full of markets and it’s kind of shoppers heaven, you can find there almost anything you wish and for a reasonable price.

Regarding transportation, Most of East Asia is linked with trains and buses, and taxis are also affordable for shorter journeys. East Asia contain lots of backpackers and thanks to that you can arrange yourself pretty much easily, you could get help from backpackers with vast knowledge on the place you are currently located.

In conclusion, East Asia is an amazing place you should visit. You can discover there a mix of ancient cultures and friendly people, and a visit to East Asia will broaden your horizons for sure.